Talk The Taboo

Talk The Taboo is a multi-media production and community forum.

The mission is to challenge the misconceptions around mental health and offer hope to those who feel isolated and alone. 

Emma Jane Taylor is the host and co-founder of the initiative. She has overcome her own childhood trauma by speaking out and is passionate about supporting others.


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Talk The Taboo Podcast

Emma-Jane Taylor is joined by 21-yr-old, Jamie Dewson who presents the youth episodes. Podcast guests are invited to speak their truth, without judgement in a relaxed chat show format. Tune-in to new episodes which are uploaded to Spotify and iTunes every fortnight.


Uplifting interviews with some incredibly strong individuals are available to watch on YouTube. Emma-Jane explains why it is important to  share;

“Sharing real life, hard-hitting stories on YouTube have made a real difference to those suffering in silence. Hearing others speak can make us feel less alone.” 

A new series is planned for 2021. Please get in touch if you would like to be involved.  

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